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Poli-M Industry was established in 2003, located in Suzhou High-tech Industry Park. We manufacture PVC, PET film & sheets in China. Main products are rigid printing PVC sheets, rigid construction PVC sheets & PET material. We have 2 factories of rigid PVC material, supply full range extrusion and calendered PVC sheets. The capacity of month currently is 500 MT, and still increasing every year.

In 2006, we started to cooperate with L.Y. (Hong Kong), imported one PET line from Germany for high quality PET film & sheet production.

With 10 years of industry experience and professional work team, we are offering:

● Quality guarantee for serial products in different field

● Special technical support for each item

● Continual supply for long-term cooperation

● On time delivery include shipping service

● Reliable customer service

● Stable & best price Your kindly supports are most important for us!