Construction Grade PVC

Construction Grade PVC      Construction Grade PVC

Density   1.4 - 1.45
Color   various
Tensile-strength   MPA >52
Impact-strength KJ/M2 >5
Drop Impact-strength    No Fracture
Softening point  °C 75
Decoration plate >75  
Industrial plate >80  

Construction Grade PVC specifications:

Thickness: 1.0 mm – 6.0 mm

Available size: 915mm x 1830mm, 1000mm x 2000mm, 1220mm x 2440mm, 1300mm x 3000mm

* If there is any special size requirement, please contact with our sales for further information!

Poli-m01 polished/polished nature clear 

Poli-m02w matte/matte white 

Both two sides masked by PE film. 

*For some applications need special color match, please contact with our sales.

Main applications:

●   Nameplates 

●   Safe shield 

●   Building decoration