Stationery Grade PVC

Stationery Grade PVC      Stationery Grade PVC

Stationery Grade PVC                                                                                       

Density   1.4 - 1.45
Color   various
Tensile-strength   MPA >52
Impact-strength KJ/M2 >5
Drop Impact-strength    No Fracture
Softening point  °C 75
Decoration plate >75  
Industrial plate >80  

Stationery Grade PVC specifications:

Thickness: 0.175mm – 1.5mm

Available width: 200mm – 1300mm

Available length: maximum 100kgs in roll, 3000mm in sheets

Asian Standard: 915mm x 915mm , 915mm x 1220mm , 915mm x 1830mm 

Euro Standard: 700mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 1400mm

US Standard: 1220mm x 2440mm 

* If there is any special size requirement, please contact with our sales for further information!

Poli-m01 polished/polished nature clear

Poli-m02w matte/matte white

Poli-m02b matte/matte black

Poli-m03 velvet/matte nature clear

Poli-m04 fine velvet/matte nature clear

* For some applications need special color match, please contact with our sales.

Main applications:

  ●  Screen & Offset Printing 

  ●  Thermoforming

  ●  Packing